Mobile and Social Solutions

Mobile solutions enable retailers to quickly respond to customer enquiries, make the checkout experience faster, and ensure that merchandise is stored and distributed most efficiently to replenish stores and fulfil customer orders.

Through digital, mobile and social channels you can deliver a seamless shopping experience, tap into customers’ spontaneous buying behaviour and delight them with personalised offerings.

We help you provide customers with a superior shopping experience

eCommerce and Social Media integration provides retailers with an opportunity to engage and connect with their customers on their terms, while offering an integrated and end-to-end omni-channel shopping experience.

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Up to 71% of Australian shoppers have engaged with a brand using digital devices before they arrive at the store.1 Consumers who use digital while they shop are 30% more likely to spend more in-store, and convert at a 20% higher rate compared to those who do not use such devices. 2


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