eCommerce and Social

eCommerce and Social Media integration provides retailers with an opportunity to engage and connect with their customers on their terms, while offering an integrated and end-to-end omni-channel shopping experience.

Enhancements let retailers extend their services and build deeper relationships with customers, for example, allowing them to connect with friends and followers who also share purchasing intentions and preferences on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Empower teams across sales, marketing, and services to collaborate with across a combination of sources. Gain insight into how people feel about your business and proactively connect with customers, fans, and critics on social media.

By deploying these types of connected solutions, retailers will be able to maximise their investments by avoiding extensive customisations and provide customers with a superior shopping experience.

  • Promote campaigns and publish through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest through a pre-configured integration
  • Build campaigns once and distribute through multiple channels (above) and provide flexible redemption capabilities (e.g. through mobile)
  • Improve customer engagement including: customer specific pricing, omni-channel wish list (e.g. customer can build and save wish lists online, which can be (with customer’s consent) accessed in store through the modern POS by the sales associate). Customer management through gift card support as well as global loyalty support are also enhanced in this release
  • Deliver superior out-of-box shopping experiences including multilanguage storefront, flexibility in delivery options (e.g. splitting orders, buy online pick-up in store)

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