Transworld Case Study
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“OST has a wealth of retail fashion experience. They are a good sounding board and provide excellent guidance specific to retail. They understand our business, and have enabled us to quickly adapt to changing industry trends.”

Albert Bensimon, Chairman, Transworld

Retailer Profile

The Transworld Group is a renowned Australian jewellery specialist that owns the Shiels and Grahams chains, founded in 1948 and 1932 respectively. This successful firm has grown steadily, with retail outlets spanning three states. Transworld’s long history of success has been based on building a solid reputation for quality, value and range, as well as being committed to providing customers with the finest jewellery with excellent personalised service.

The Challenge

Focused on continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, Transworld wanted to update their internal processes to continue to be ‘best in class’ well into the future. A crucial element in ensuring best practices in retail is the choice of the most appropriate business management solution. “We wanted a unified solution that could manage all our operations, and also allow integration of new technologies as we expand and adapt to upcoming trends,” said Albert Bensimon, Chairman, Transworld.

The Solution

OST been a trusted partner to Transworld since 2004, assisting them with business initiatives that have helped them to succeed in the highly competitive Australian jewellery industry. In 2012, Transworld made an evolutionary step and engaged OST to build an end-to-end retail platform to manage their operations, and position them for future expansion. “We chose OST as they have extensive retail fashion industry experience, and they understand our business." said Bensimon.

The OST Retail solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics with added industry-specific capability, delivering a modern, integrated system incorporating finance, inventory management, warehousing, and retail back office. The system is in tune to the challenges and continual changing needs of Transworld’s retail jewellery business. It was truly tested when it went live three months before Christmas and proved that it could excel under the pressures of the busy season.

The Impact

The OST Retail solution enables Transworld to manage all business processes on the one system, including financials, merchandise planning and sourcing, inventory and supply chain management. Mobile devices are being used to perform stock management and warehousing functions.

With one integrated solution, all users have one version of what stock is required, with an up to the minute, nation-wide system which assists planners to improve sourcing and inventory, while reducing errors and processing time.

Superior analytics driving sourcing and stock delivery enables provision of better customer service with the right products in the right locations.

Real-time business intelligence provides insight to understanding customers better and being able to predict buying trends. Transworld now also has the ability to implement clienteling for customer-centric retailing.

“The scalability afforded by the system is essential for the future success of the company. The solution is the foundation to enable us to expand our business. We can now react quickly to changing customer demands and industry advances, with ability to add new capabilities as required,” stated Bensimon.

Transworld is rapidly acquiring new customers and increasing sales through their jewellery chain’s digital and mobile channels, and implementing a customer-centric clienteling solution, supported by a retail platform that integrates seamlessly with new technologies.

“With a single integrated system that gives us real-time information, we can plan, source and deliver the right product at the right time to the right location, which reflects positively on our bottom line.”

Albert Bensimon, Chairman, Transworld

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